We produce films and formats with you that move society - we are also passionate about live streams and hybrid events!

We produce your film idea and your online event format with the greatest pleasure and technical expertise. With our modern mobile multi-camera studio, we can offer the following services nationwide:

Film production

We prefer to make films together with you, taking care of the entire shoot planning, implementation and publication of the resulting content.

State-of-the-art 4K cameras and drones enable the visualisation of your video idea. From documentaries, interviews, commercials to podcast productions, we burn for all digital formats.

Event documentation

We can digitally capture the value of your event and publish it on the video platform of your choice for as many viewers as you like.

This includes entire lectures, discussions, opinions of visitors, demonstrations, speeches and all other important moments that deserve to be recorded.


Whatever the occasion is, with the help of our live stream technology, we can bring any format online: concerts, talk shows, congresses, press releases and product announcements - no matter what and where, we are extremely flexible.

No matter which streaming platform, we support you in the run-up to the planning, during the realisation of the event and during the post-processing and publication.

Hybrid events

We make important dialogues via the internet possible and connect your presence guests with participants all over the world via our mobile studio equipment. We bring your event into the hybrid event format.

No matter which meeting software you use, we support you in the planning phase, in the implementation of the event and in the follow-up and publication.

Podcast & vlog production

The majority of the population listens to podcasts in their free time and regularly watches digital formats on YouTube and the like. With the help of our podcast and vlog equipment, we can also produce these formats together with you on your premises. From planning to publication, we are your contact persons. This is also exciting for companies that want to keep their employees up to date.

Drone video production

Many project ideas are best visualized from above, and we can use the latest lightweight 4k drones to create exciting aerial moving images even in the most unusual places.


We will teach you and your employees the basic knowledge of content production, from the creation of short videos and the associated editing, to the independent implementation of live streams and online/hybrid events.

Free instructional videos (on YouTube)

Produce yourself instead of consuming. We believe every person is capable of publishing their message and reaching their target audience.

Trust through cooperation

We for you, a strong team on your side

Interdisciplinary, extremely flexible and humanly correct, we thrive to realise your project. The merging of the previous solo self-employed into a GbR enables us to realise every idea together with you, are more scalable than ever and look forward to our reunion and getting to know each other. We enjoy our work every day and see it as an important part for a society of participation, through new and technically supported dialogues.

Alexander Germer

Production Management & Art Director

Responsible for the production of films, Alex is our creative driving force for moving images. From the idea to the finished film, everything comes together here. His secret power is reliability under time pressure.

Mediengestalter (IHK bei der MMBBS Hannover)

Marlo Zirr

Technical Producer & Live Director

Planning and realising technical sequences and dealing with production technology are among his favourite activities, along with imparting knowledge. Radiating calm and courage in live situations is his speciality.

Fachkraft für Gemeinwesenarbeit (ASH Berlin) & Mediengestalter (IHK bei der MMBBS Hannover)

Dorian-Vasco Nagel

Technical Producer & Production Manager

Dorians foresight in every production is a rare gift that makes reliable execution possible in the first place. He feels particularly comfortable behind the camera and in front of the screen for editing and post-production.

Master of Arts in Design (HAWK)

Our freelancers and partners are amazing and allow us to scale

Live &
be fun

The We counts Our values

01. Mindfulness

We try to use as few resources as possible in the productions, see the use of public transport as a realistic option and buy production hardware second-hand where possible.

02. Reliability

Trust can only be built up where every promise and deadline is made reliably. Meeting deadlines and keeping archives of previous production materials are enormously important to us. We stand by our word.

03. Being authentic

It is easy to sell a good product, being honest about it should be a matter of course. We don’t see the point of pretending and introducing unnecessary hierarchies into important decision-making processes. Be yourself and be an important part of the production!

04. Responsibility

A big part of our job involves being hugely reliable, as live and event formats demand a high level of performance for the duration of the show.

05. Social innovation

With our work, we would like to empower system-relevant institutions and facilities to make an enormously important contribution to social cohesion through technical support.

06. Transparency

Both the pricing of our services and the clear naming of our partners and freelancers make our entire working method transparent. If something is unclear, just ask!

Discount for public welfare and socio-cultural projects!

We know the true value of art, culture and social issues, we strive for a better togetherness with our work.

So that you don’t have to do without digital formats and tools for your great work, we offer a freely selectable discount on all services.

We have been able to support the following sustainable and great projects over the last 10 years

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