Podcast / vlog production

Der Großteil der Bevölkerung hört in ihrer Freizeit Podcast und schaut regelmäßig digitale Formate auf Youtube und Co. Mithilfe unserer Podcast- und Vlog-Ausrüstung können wir gemeinsam mit Dir diese Formate auch in Deinen Räumlichkeiten produzieren.

Take time for what matters most. We tell stories with podcasts

Podcasts are personal, close to the listener and give stories the space they need. Whether talk, project report or company podcast, every format gets the full attention of the listener.

Pre production

Together with you, we plan the desired format: content focus, regularity, target group and strategic goals. We can also help with the choice of platforms. We look forward to your idea.


With our mobile recording technology, we can record directly at your location, this can be on your premises or outside. In addition to wireless microphones, we also provide headphones for monitoring and, if necessary, soundproofing elements.

Multi track

Every voice a track. Thanks to multi-track recording, we can give each voice the individual post production it deserves. In this way, conversations recorded at different locations can also be adapted to one another.

Remote recording

Thanks to online technology, conversation partners do not have to sit in the same room. We can provide the necessary technology and oversee the remote recording.


We rely on independence and work with you to develop how your podcast can be published on a suitable website.

Hosting on Spotify & co.

The latest episode appears directly in the podcast player. By hosting on suitable platforms, we can automatically bring your podcast to the listeners.

Everything starts with a mail